Live a Life You Don't Need A Vacation From

Simple and practical strategies to love the life you’re in

Do you worry endlessly about things you can’t change?

All that overthinking and mental chatter doesn’t change your situation – it just keeps you stuck in a cycle of stress or anxiety, feeling frustrated and out of control.

You can’t always change your circumstances – but you can change the way you experience your life. It’s time to get out of your head and find meaningful happiness – right here, right now.

Overthinkers Unite!
I’m Leann Harris and I’m a recovering overthinker and worrier. I tried to solve all my problems in my head and the endless stress was making me crazy.

I read ALL the self-help books but nothing seemed to work. It was all very inspiring but I didn’t know what I was actually supposed TO DO.

What I needed was less woo and more do.

I needed practical tools to still my churning mind and connect with the wisdom of my heart.
That’s what you’re find on these pages – simple yet practical strategies to free yourself from those frantic feelings and raging thoughts to find happiness – right here, right now.

Ready to get started?

Ways to Work With Me

Relief for Busy Brains

Are you an “Overwhelmed Overthinker”? If you feel like you need a vacation from your own brain and would love to wake up refreshed (rather than pulling the covers over your head), then this is for you. Find a mental break here! This is a short course on learning to watch your thoughts in a way that’s helpful. Mindfulness is more than just something to do to relax- it’s real purpose is help you eliminate the confusion in your busy brain .More… 

Everyday Happiness

If you’ve ever said “I just want to be happy”, this is for you. We don’t focus on fleeting happiness: you’ll learn how to make moments in your life matter and understand why your struggle to control your feelings isn’t working. You’ll learn to see thru wise eyes in this 6 week program and implement practical steps to shift your life right where you are. More… 


Unconditional Connecting

This is a gentle, non-directive, deep listening experience. There’s no end goal, no solutions offered, no advice given. I guide you to access your own wisdom. If you’re sick of getting advice and just want to feel heard, this is for you. More… 

Heard Enough? Ready to make big things happen?