If you are still moving, if you are breathing, you still have a choice – and a chance.

I help you change what it means to live your life right now, just as it is, so your world will shift in ways you never imagined.

You know there is a better way out of chaos, but you just can’t seem to get your hands on the solution. You have always felt capable and in control, but now it seems you haven’t come up with a plan that works. You’re hurting so you’re trying to do things that will help you feel better, but nothing seems to work permanently.

I work with determined people like you who are smart enough to realize that doing the same thing over and over again will only get you the results you’ve gotten so far. I offer straight-forward and practical advice that helps you emotionally cope with your feelings and thoughts.

Maybe you’ve noticed you’ve become short tempered or sad. You’ve always come up with a plan in the past but now you’re frustrated and fighting with your own feelings.

There is a way to deal with fear, anxiety, and frustration that’s soothing and sensible.

I help you become comfortable with uncertainty.

Unexpected change can rob you from your happiness and peace of mind. You might have lost your freedom, relationship, friends, or job – but most importantly, faith in yourself.

One day I found myself still breathing – still existing – even without anything I had previously used to define me. Breath by breath, I found methods and people who truly helped me to see that my life could move forward even while hurting.

Everything I did pointed to the same fundamental truth – that the thoughts in my head do not encompass and define me and that I can chose my response to changes in life. .

 Pain and misery no longer mean there is something flawed in me or that there’s something that needs to be fixed. I learned how to navigate uncertainty and gained the skills to correct my course and get back on track.

My name is Leann Harris and I’m passionate about helping you if you are struggling to figure it all out, get clear on what you really want, and how to use your personal strengths to get it. I motivate, encourage and inspire you to believe in yourself, to dig deep, and live the life you crave.

As a coach, I work deeply with your emotional inner struggles, while still staying oriented towards outward action. I am primarily an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) based coach, which means that I focus on your beliefs and behavior in the present and help you chose more of the things that matter to you into your life. We don’t fight with feelings and emotions; instead, we engage with your fundamental wisdom and create a whole, healthy life by doing more of “what really helps”. For details on how I use ACT (pronounced as the word “act”, not “A-C-T”) click here. I also incorporate a great deal from Compassion Focused Therapy so working with me is a not a dry, intellectual exercise.

I am also certified in Positive Psychology Coaching. This is Western Psychology’s evidence-based method to help you uncover your unique values, motivation, curiosity, creativity, and strengths. I adhere to the ethics and guidelines International Coaching Federation standards as well as HIPAA for heathcare privacy.

I don’t claim to have all the answers you seek: my premise is that you do.

My job is to help you make your unconscious choices and behaviors conscious so you can move forward on your path and no longer “leave it to fate”.

I chose as my purpose in life to become the person I needed most back then and to share that with those who needed help. I believe what Ram Dass says – that we are all walking each other home.

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