About Leann

Whether you’re struggling with relationships, poor health, stress, or anxiety…

Life ain’t always easy

But you can go easier on yourself, with a little self compassion and a lot of kindness. You can learn practical tools to quiet those raging thoughts, give yourself a mental break and finally welcome in a good nite’s sleep

I’m Leann Harris and I know that unexpected change can rob you of your happiness and peace of mind.

One day i found myself still breathing – still existing – without any of the things that once defined me. Breath by breath, moment by moment, I found ways to move forward, even while in pain.

I learned that I do not need to believe everything I think, no matter how powerful thoughts may seem in the dead of night. We always get to choose how to respond to our circumstances and we can learn how to navigate uncertainty with courage, grace, and self-belief. More…

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to feel better and nothing is working, the time has come to get some real relief.

As your coach, I’ll help ease your emotional inner struggles, while teaching you practical strategies to handle – and reduce – those desperate moments.

I am primarily an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy based coach, which means that I focus on your beliefs and behavior in the present and help you make choices that truly matter to you. We don’t fight your feelings and emotions: instead, we engage with yoru fundamental wisdom and create a whole, healthy life of doing more of “what really helps”.


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