A Smarter Approach to Heartbreak and Uncertainty



A Straighter Path to Stability

If you change what it means to live your life right now,
just as it is,
your world will shift in ways you never imagined.


Leann Harris

Hi, I’m Leann Harris, and I know what it’s like to be drowning in anxiety and worry.

Years ago, it was me who hit rock bottom: crumbling marriage, job loss, even bed ridden. I was searching for something (anything, really) to help me get through my next moment.

Since then, I’ve developed a simple, step-by-step program based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques that turned my life – and my thinking – completely around.

Work with me and you’ll…

  • Navigate your uncertainty

  • Pinpoint what’s holding you back

  • Become clear on what you value in life

  • Feel whole again

You don’t need to struggle alone.


Six Weeks to Freedom and Peace

In my 6-week program, you’ll learn to release your fears and cultivate freedom.

Week 1 – Start Where You Are

We’ll determine where you want to go and who you want to be.

Week 2 – What Am I Doing? (aka What the Hell Was I Thinking?)

Clarity to stop to uncertainty and confusion.

Week 3 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Drop judgments, self criticism and negative self talk  and develop a self-care plan.

Week 4 – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Develop tools to help you become aware of unhelpful and destructive thinking.

Week 5 – Experience Judgement-Free Living

Learn how not to feel overwhelmed your thoughts and feelings.

Week 6 – Now What Do I Do?

Wrap up and create a plan. What will you be able to do differently when you wake up each morning?


Are you ready for relief?

See ways to make new choices that untangle you from your chaos.

You’ll feel like you’ve finally made it home.


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