Emotional Strength for Sudden Life Change


Unexpected change can rob you of your happiness and peace of mind. You might have lost your freedom, relationship, friends, or job – but most importantly, faith in yourself.

I help people deal with the overwhelming emotions of sudden life events and learn clear strategies for finding joy again.


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Hi, I’m Leann Harris, and I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by unexpected life changes.

I felt utterly confused and worried. I was where you are now: my emotions and thoughts felt out of control and I just craved relief.

If your “help yourself” plan hasn’t really helped, there’s a better way. In difficult time our emotions can be unpredictable and handling them is harder than it looks. But if you try to use your mind to analyze and “fix” your feelings, you soon end up with an even bigger mess!

It’s like using a hammer to nail jello to a wall!

 There is a better way!

Working together, I’ll help you

– Quit the confusion and clarify what you value in life

– Ditch the judgment, self-criticism and destructive thinking patterns

– Learn to manage uncomfortable feelings without sinking into overwhelm

– Become a stronger, more resilient and more powerful person in life and work

– Bring joy and sweetness back into everyday life

Life is not a math problem to be solved: it’s a sunset to be experienced.

Dr Steven Hayes

The Plan

My Program to Help You Find Your Happy Again 

In my 6-step program, you’ll learn to release your fears and cultivate freedom.

Week 1 – Start Where You Are

We’ll determine where you want to go and who you want to be.

Week 2 – What Am I Doing? (aka What the Hell Was I Thinking?)

Clarity to stop to uncertainty and confusion.

Week 3 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Drop judgments, self criticism and negative self talk  and develop a self-care plan.

Week 4 – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Develop tools to help you become aware of unhelpful and destructive thinking.

Week 5 – Experience Judgement-Free Living

Learn how not to feel overwhelmed your thoughts and feelings.

Week 6 – Now What Do I Do?

Wrap up and create a plan. What will you be able to do differently when you wake up each morning?


Are you ready for relief?

30 Minutes of Reassurance If You Click Me

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