You woke up this morning wondering how you’re going to get through another day.

You’ve hit your breaking point, whether you’re in the midst of a nasty breakup, you’ve lost your job, or you’re suffering from a major health crisis.

You can find relief from any of the options below.

Both programs have a six week option as well.
In the full six-week program we’ll work on:

Aspect 1 – Start Where You Are

What would you like to change? What matters to you? What dreams do you have?

Aspect 2 – What Am I Doing? (aka What the Hell Was I Thinking?)

Get clear on what works (and what doesn’t) in your life now. Become aware of the Committee in your head that stifles you and causes you to doubt yourself. Put a stop to uncertainty and confusion and learn how it’s possible to experience relaxation and mental freedom.

Aspect 3 – Who Do You Think You Are?

Look at your patterns of self-criticism and negative self-talk. Gently let go of negative judgments about yourself and others. Develop a self-care plan that incorporates creativity, inspiration, physicality, and unconditional self-worth.

Aspect 4 – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Our minds hate being unemployed. When we try and relax or fall asleep, that is usually the time when our minds are most active. Learn how to unhook yourself from strong thoughts and feelings. Develop tools to help you become aware of unhelpful and destructive thinking and steer your mind towards being flexible and relaxed all day long. Discover the rules you live your life by and discern whether it’s time to give up some of these rigid thoughts.

Aspect 5 РExperience Acceptance and Peace

Learn to cooperate with your thoughts and feelings. Partner up with painful feelings and learn how not to feel overwhelmed by them. Learn how to not only be happy in life but feel complete and whole.

Aspect 6 – Now What Do I Do?

Wrap up and create a plan. Together, we create a plan that answers the question “What will I do differently when I wake up each morning?”